Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Hello there again, I just found some more pictures and even a short video I made while we were collecting oregano the other days..

Remember, I talked about, that the only sound where the cicadas around.. well, in the video you can just hear them.. I must say, that the video's quality is lousy.. its the first video I took with this camera, the first video I took anyway alltogether, and apart from my own inexperience of taking videos, I think that the colours are nothing like real..
Anyway, why not even share beginnings here, and maybe you can forgive, that quality and details are poor, but nevertheless get a feeling of the place we collected oregano.. The video was taken in the afternoon, when we had the benefit of the shade that the old olivetrees provided..

We were collecting, and I captured Babis in a photo, as above.. then I tried the video function..so here it is. As I said, no great artistic achievement.. but you might get an idea. And I'll try to get better at it.. but you can hear the cicadas..sound of the south. Maybe share the athmosphere we have been collecting in, the serenity of a remote biotope in the Cretan mountains..


  1. Hello,
    Really like your blog. I put a reference about it on creta-amaltheia.blogspot.com. Hope to come by one before the end of the summer season.

  2. Hi Anne, just have seen your blog.. in Dutch is it? You are welcome to come by anytime, maybe you'd like to call before to make sure we are there in Kallikratis, you can find our phone numbers on the website..
    Because we are out collecting often, all over western Crete..