Monday, November 16, 2009

A social Myrtus communis collection

A good day for a Myrtle leaf collection.. we met in the morning and went towards Topolia to one of our Myrtus communis populations. Babis and Joscha were pruning the plants, and the rest of us were sitting on our boxes and cutting the leaves off the branchlets into the collection boxes..

Here its Maria, Mario and Janina

Joscha, Evtichia and Spiros

Sitting in the midst of the Myrtle bushes, clipping the leaves off the branches...
Below we also see Dionysia sitting, and Babis to the right

And then, after many hours of clipping, the filled boxes are stacked under an olivetree in the shade, ready to be loaded into the car..

And off we went, everybody, to enjoy a dinner together at Kostas place, Ta Platania nearby. It was getting dark, when we reached the distillery with our harvest, and began distillation. Myrtle leaves have to be distilled fresh..At three o'clock in the morning, we drew the essential oil. 180ml beautifully fragrant oil were the result of 10 people collecting a whole day...

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  1. Your oil is so beautiful...and this blog ezplains why it is so costly. "10 people collecting a whole day"