Friday, February 26, 2010

Kallikratis february...

Well, its not all and only herbs.. There also is time for getting together, playing music, eating and drinking and sharing time with friends..

We had a few days of party in Kallikratis, shared a wonderful time..

Lampis Xilouris and Giangos Chairetis from Anogia played the lutes, drums were played by Charis and Antonis..and many others were singing, clapping hands.. Dimitri joined the next day on bouzouki and mandolin, Panagiotis brought his guitar..

For two days, the house and our hearts resounded with music and rythms, and the singing of 'mantinades', 15-syllable rhyming couplets in Cretan dialect, often improvised..

Here Lampis Xilouris playing with heart and soul..

Giangos Chairetis

We all had a wonderful time.. I wish I could post some soundtracks here, which we recorded.. but it doesn't seem possible.. To get a feeling of some of the music played, you could visit the website of Lampis' brother Giorgis Xilouris, there are some videos and especially the latest one, where he plays with Giangos at!/video/video.php?v=367422154337


  1. Hi,
    me and my wife have enjoyed a lot the virtual tour of your homepage and blog. Thanks a lot.
    Izsak & Vera, Budapest, Hungary