Thursday, July 29, 2010


Today, more friends have contributed... and thanks to a very generous and enthusiastic person, we have reached a score of 2200 euro so far... almost halfway...
By the way, we do not reveil, how much anyone has contributed with... whatever amount is fine, whatever anyone can give is fine. For some of us, 40, 50 or 100 euro is a fortune, for others a piece of cake.. and all who do contribute, do so within their possibilities...each and every contribution is welcome..

New contributors:
Panagiotis Angelakis, Zoniana, Crete
Giorgos Vougioukalos, Argyroupoli, Crete
Joscha Luecke, Berlin, Germany
Eleni Tsalikidou, Argyroupoli, Crete

So, great news, and the feeling is great, everybody feels the excitement, everybody is part of the project...

More news tomorrow...

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