Monday, September 13, 2010

And finally we are getting attention!

Hello there

Well, so far we have collected some 250 local signatures and 169 from locals, friends and supporters from all over via the online petition.. we will keep on collecting signatures, if you have not signed yet, you can do so and support our cause at  and forward the link to your friends.. we need all the support we can get for this cause, to get water to our village, a basic human need!!!

And finally we will get some public attention. The demand for a sustainable and immediate solution to the water problem in Kallikratis has reached the interest of the media. Tomorrow reporters, journalists from the local and national press, as well as a TV team will arrive here in the village.

Everybody is excited, the villagers will all gather together here, supporters from surrounding villages will come as well.. So we are all looking forward to tomorrow... 

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