Wednesday, September 15, 2010

So, here is an article about the water problem from todays local paper, Haniotika Nea:
You could translate it with Google translate..
And yesterday, they showed the issue in the local TV news..Χωρίς%20νερό%20ο%20Καλλικράτης%20.html

We have collected some 500 signatures by now, 300 local ones and some 200 from the online petition. When we have reached a more impressive score, we will proceed sending our demand for a final solution to the water supply in Kallikratis on to every relevant authority..

And now, for us its back to work!! We have to prepare for a market in Athens, which will be held from 31. September to 3rd October, so we have to get busy bottling oils, cleaning herbs, making soap and shampoo...

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  1. When are you making soap? I'd like to watch the process