Saturday, September 4, 2010

The stone is rolling...

Hello there,
Yesterday we formulated and printed out petition lists, demanding an immediate and final solution for the water problem in Kallikratis. Last night, we collected the first 40 signatures from the local villagers, and in Frangokastello 3 people got lists and will collect signatures as well. We will then contact the media, and get the demand to the relevant local, regional, national and even international authorities. Everyone here is positive and sure, that everyone here in Kallikratis, in the related villages of Patsianos, Asfendou, Frangokastello, Kapsodassos, Vouvas and Argoules will sign the petition.
Additionally, we will try to set up a supporters online petitionlist as well, so that friends and visitors to the Sfakia region can sign as well.
So, once again, we are in action and have the hope, that finally something will be done for this village.
Another positive thing is, that the water issue has united the villagers beyond political or family bonds, which in the past have made any common action very difficult...

Thats the news so far...

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