Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Thymus capitatus collection

Finally the story of Thyme collection..

We went with friends to collect on the western most coast of Crete, a splendid unspoiled biotope.. It was a hot day, a merciful wind was blowing from the sea..the thyme beings were ready for us. In full bloom they stood..

Here a closeupThe bees were busy on the plants, and the view is fantastic.. towards our back the mountains, in front the sea.. nothing but us, the thymes, the bees, some cicadas... again I tried to shoot a video, here it is. Again I must excuse the poor quality, colours are better in the pictures, and the wind blowing distorted the sounds. Haven't had time yet to figure the camera out. Maybe in the winter..?

In the video you can see the bees on the thyme just in front of me, then the view over the biotope and the mountains, passing over a few collection boxes, then the sea in the background.. then it ends again full circle by the thyme I just have been cutting.. you might notice the cut parts of the plant..

Mario is collecting a thyme, just below an amazing structure of a windblown pine-tree.. we are just cutting the flowering tops, always leaving enough flowers..

And here, she hides with Babis under a giant thyme.. well, almost

Since it was a hot day, we went to the sea to have a swim..
Here you'll see the sea, a thyme.. we are swimming just beyond the rocks to the left.. Welcome refreshment..

It might just seem like a lot of fun, a day out.. but it is as well hard work.. The Cretan thyme is an almost thorny bush, carrying leaves and flowers just on the very top of its spiny branches. However, here we are out in the quiet and solitude of nature..

As we were a few, Maria, Giannis, Mario, Babis and me, we managed to fill our boxes in time that day..and went off for dinner at a good friends place.. at 'ta Platania', a taverna near Vlatos situated under age old platane trees.. After the blazing sun during collection, this place is a real treat..

Here we draw energy from the ages old platanes..
Then, offcause, a good meal is waiting.. Kostas, the third from left here and his brother Michalis are real lovely people, good friends and great cooks...

So we ended the day in the shade and good company before setting off home to discharge our harvest..