Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Today is the new beginning...

So friends, here we are, all of us who contributed to a historical action for water here in Kallikratis, an action the like of which has not ever been seen before..

We were all willing to take the risk, we risked everything we had, a total of 6500 euro.... we were all enthusiastic about the project, became a team, we wrote history, we inspired and awed everyone who heard about it.. from allover we are, we all know Kallikratis, we all have spend time here, we were all willing to give it a try. We did not loose, we won, we won in showing, that together we can do things, nobody could do by himself. And its not just talk we contributed, we all contributed funds, and action, work, enthusiasm, hope and love, the excitement and the whole spectrum of emotions during the actual drilling days, ... we actively did something and did it together!! Thanks for all the support, it has been overwhelming...

Giannis and Anna Bitsakis, Chania, Crete
Lampis Xilouris, Herakleion, Crete
Arnold, Evelyn, Jaqueline, Holland
Jill and Derek Pearce, Kavros, Crete
Giorgos Markoulakis, Gerani, Crete
Giannis Tsagarakis and Maria Tolidou, Chania, Crete
Giangos Chairetis, Anogia, Crete
Nikos Psilos, Chania, Crete
Willy and Johnny de Zeeuw, Holland
Thomas and Martha Brandt, Christiania, Denmark
Manfred Hoffmann and Moni, Dresden, Germany
Ina Hviding, Norway
Giorgos Vougioukalos, Argyroupoli, Crete
Eleni Tsalikidou, Argyroupoli, Crete
Panagiotis Angelakis, Zoniana, Crete
Joscha Lücke, Berlin, Germany
Mitsos Karnagio, Chania, Crete
David Troutman, Chania, Crete
Kiria Stella Psaroudakis, Chania, Crete
Antonis Dagas, Chania, Crete
Henk Ploeger, Holland
Isolde Eleni Bichsel, Chania, Crete
Giorgos Tsoupakis, Frangokastello, Crete
Mitscha Rütsch, Bornholm, Denmark
Janne Gjerken, Norway
Jörg and Sandra Flaschka, Jena, Germany
ST and Regina, Berlin, Germany
Triandafyllia (Filio) Syka, Modi, Crete
Sheena Inoue, Bornholm, Denmark
Eva and Evtychia Christodoulaki, Modi, Crete
Giannis Ravdoskopos, Moudros, Crete
Maria (Mario) Matamadiotou, Plaka, Crete
Lill Heldre Gulli, Norway
Kristine Heldre, Norway
Heleen Kennedy, Scotland
Ria Vermeulen, Holland
Thomas Venakis, Zouridi, Crete
Dimitra and Mimis, Chania, Crete and Scopelos
Argiri Agavanaki, Athens
Giorgis Katsoulos, Frangokastello
Babis Psaroudakis and Janina Sørensen, Kallikratis, Crete

Additionally, Zacharis and Irini Daskalakis from Siva ecological wine production, Heraklion, as well as Nikos Psilos from Chania, each contributed 20 liters of the excellent Daskalakis ecological wine for the drilling days, local friends from around donated meat and goatcheese. Giannis came with vegetables from his garden, from Argiroupoli potatoes and a rabbit arrived. Spiros, one of the village guys spent a whole day carrying water for the drilling, four times one straight after the other, he went down to Frangokastello to fetch a cubic of water, each took a journey of one and a half hours. Thanks!!!!!!!

Even though, you might notice, that only two village people from Frangokastello, have actually contributed funds to the drilling, the support of the local village has been enormous, once the drilling started. They had said, they would contribute if the water would be found, they wouldn't share the risk.

But they were all excited when it actually happened, they all came by, wished us luck, they all had hopes, and now they are inspired, talking, sharing in what can be done from now on.. Its like we have shaken them into action as well....

Yesterday, 30th of August

Yesterday then, in the morning, we ordered the water to fill up the deposits..

Babis and Johnny went to collect manure from a neighbor, Andreas the goatherd, shovelled it into sacks to use in our garden.. Johnny joked 'well, when they ask me in Holland why I suddenly went down to Crete for 4 days, I'll say: 'I had to shovel shit'...

Above, you see Johnny with Andreas and Dimitris, our neighbors here in the summer.. everyone came by, and we talked about where to go from here, what kind of possibilities we'd have now to get water for the village..

There will be local elections in November.. how can we use our action trying to drill for water, in a bigger scale.. we, together with more than 50 people, have done our best.. now it must be up to the local authorities to finally find a solution for this village.. we all agreed, that this our action, is not the end, but just the beginning...

Then it was time for Willy and Johnny to leave back to Holland, here we are down in Argyroupoli at Giorgos' place for a final drink and to see them off... great friends, which showed up so unexpectedly..

We spent the rest of the evening and half of the night at Giorgos' taverna.. We have already made history, everybody knew the story, is amazed by all of us, that 50 people from allover contributed, that we made it happen, that we tried, that we, all of us, took action, set an example...

Everyone agreed, that it was not a failure, but a great success.. maybe, we didn't get water in a day or two, but we will get it, this is just the beginning, this is a stone which started rolling and cannot be stopped anymore, and we will get water here to the village. It just will take a little longer, but we have done it, all of us, we all have started it...

Suddenly, everything went positive again, ideas came in.. there will be local elections in November, we need publicity, we could make petition lists, collect hundreds of peoples support and signatures, demanding water for Kallikratis, we have the support of the villages around as well, that was most clear. Suggestions and support came from this villagers in Argyroupoli, for organizing an event in Kallikratis, inviting the media, politicians, musicians etc.. well, its getting bigger, it will go on, the stone is rolling...

This was just the beginning, we agreed....

The day after.. 29th of August

We slept late.. Christos the driller came in the early afternoon to pick up his second truck.. He came with chocolates for everyone.. 

Quiet it was, people had left, we spend the day with Willy and Johnny cleaning the house, the kitchen, repairing the gate which the truck had damaged trying to get in. Then went to dinner in Argyroupoli, at our friend Giorgos' place.. and slowly started to have ideas as to where to go from here, how to go on working for Water in Kallikratis..

First decision though was, to fill up our deposits a bit, by ordering a truck of water in the morning.. 200 euro for 10 cubic meters, so that we could take a shower, clean around and water our garden a bit.. Willy and Johnny offered the cost, and Willy joked 'well, everyone has been supporting meters of drilling, but we get water!!!' By now, our spirits had lifted..

The next day, 28th of August

In the morning of the 28th, Nikos and Babis looked at the drilling spot, and found a different kind of stone, which came up during the last meters of yesterdays drilling, and we speculated, if this could mean, that we maybe reach water.. like a last bit of hope.. Willy and Johnny offered another 20 meters of drilling..

Well, Christos the driller though, when he came said, that this new stone does not mean anything.. but we could try to raise the drill and put it down again without water and soap, raise it again and see if there is ANY humidity... if there would be, we could give it a try for more meters. But the drill was totally dry, not any sign of humidity. So, here we stopped..

And then, the rest of the day went with pulling the drilling bits up, one by one, unscrewing them from the next bit, and lay them nicely to charge them onto the truck, as you can see in the picture above.. 

And then, in the early evening hours, the noise finally stopped, the drilling bits were charged, the truck maneuvered out of our gate and parked..

The drilling site after the truck was moved.. the pear tree has suffered some... And this is it,

Our famous hole.. 155 meters down...

Finally, we didn't go dancing, but we managed to get down to the sea for a much needed swim just before sunset, wash off days of dust, tension and emotion. That was magical, this swim in the sunset... then we had dinner at Vatalos in Frangokastello, where Spiros offered us a fabulous dinner...

The end of the drilling story

Well, folks and friends, sorry for a few days of silence.. it was just overwhelming everything..we went through a lot of emotions.. but now we have recovered, and are seeing a new beginning in this adventure.. but about that later, first we want to share what happened these last days..

Here some pictures from the 27th of August, when we were drilling the last 8 meters down.. Above Nikos in the striped shirt, who had been here since tuesday with Isolde, they have shared every single moment with us, an experience none of us will ever forget...

Isolde, and in the background Willy and Johnny from Holland, which just arrived on this last day of drilling to our complete surprise and joy, and gave us so much courage, love, support, help and energy, which was so needed, as we all were so exhausted...

We are all watching the last meters of drilling...

And Giannis, the dowser... the picture tells all..

That evening was a heavy one... we were not able to post...

Saturday, August 28, 2010

The outcome...

So, we drilled to 152 meters, and did not find a drop of water. We spend everything we had, we tried everything. We played a risk, and we lost.. The drilling team just finished pulling up the 150 meters of drill bits, and managed to maneuver the truck out of our gate again..

And like Alexis Zorbas we will go dancing tonight, there is a band playing in Frangokastello.. And then we will organize a party for everybody in the next week..

However, the whole experience was fantastic, the support we had from all our friends made history... so much love, support, so much hope and enthusiasm we all shared.. A huge THANKS and LOVE to everyone who shared in this project, who shared the hope for Water in Kallikratis!!! Thank you all and everyone!!!

We are all exhausted now, 4 days of hope, of noise, of soapy foam around...

More later..


Friday, August 27, 2010

OK, now the last drilling bit is going on... there is another 8 meters of hope...

and some pictures..

Willy and Johnny arrived, all the way from Holland, for a few days to be with us these days... here Willy, Nikos and Giannis...

And Johnny, still in his travelling clothes, which he soon changed into working clothes...

And we are charging the 6 drilling pieces onto the truck...

So, now at 17.00, we have another 20 meters to drill.....

What makes life worth living...

Well, Giannis said, that we should go down until 150 meters...
So alltogether, we would need funds for another 50 meters... or 6 drilling bits of 8 meter length.. We can manage another 3 bits, Nikos sponsors one, and then the drilling team itself gives us 2 bits for free.
These days here, they have seen the support we had, so many people involved in this project, and they were impressed, they had never seen anything like it. So now we are set for 150 meters. Tonight we will know the outcome, 150 is our limit, come what comes...

AND then, just when we were charging this 6 pieces of drill unto the truck, the most fantastic surprise arrived: Our beloved friends Willy and Johnny suddenly appeared... they had taken a plane from Holland, to come and support us right now.. moments like these, are what makes life truly wonderful.. truly worth living, friends like this are worth more even than water, they just appeared to share with us..

Life is wonderful
So now, whatever will happen can happen..

and now...

Yesterday we drilled to 105 meters depth... and still no water..
We are running out of money, already we drilled to the double number of meters...
Yesterday evening then, we thought that that was it, at least we tried and we knew that it was a risk to take...
This morning then, Giannis the dowser did another check, and we decided to go further down... we will scratch all our money together, so that we can pay for 4 more drill bits, another 32 meters down...

So now we are waiting for the drilling team...

Thursday, August 26, 2010

And still drilling...

We are going on drilling, now we are at 80 meters... but we still hope...

We just had a break, and some food... and now we will continue...We will not give up... but the tension is considerable...

Second day of drilling

So, we started drilling again today... now its solid rock we are drilling through...

The crew arrived around noon and started with changing the drilling head...

Now, at 14.45, we have reached a depth of 62 meters without finding water. So we had a 'crisis' meeting.. what to do now? Its so very difficult to stop trying. Its our only chance. 

So, we'll go on drilling... the crew is now charging new pieces of drill onto the truck.. and we will proceed..

More later, but please cross your fingers everybody and send us positive energy....

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The end of the day....

What a day... water and soap was needed for the drilling, you can see how the mixture filled our earth....

Here, Giannis, the dowser watches the drilling....

And its going on...

The drilling needs water, so we had to go down to Frangokastello for more water...

And here a small video...

Now we have drilled 30 meters, tomorrow we will go on....

Drilling.. a historical moment

Here the big truck arrives.. Some maneuvering was necessary to place it exactly.. 

Giannis, the dowser verified the exact place for the drilling for the final time...

And then, the drill was raised...

Now, I have made a short video, but I took it the wrong way around, and do not know how to turn it, here it comes anyway though..you will have to bend your heads.. This is such a historical day..and right now the drilling is in process, we are at 21 meters.. its very noisy, and the water and soap needed for the drill is filling the place... Its 15.14 now...

The drills come in pieces of 7.5 meters, so each one does those meters, and then another piece is screwed on... Soon number 4 goes on...

I am preparing food now, but will make more photos and videos later. Its just such an exciting day... what to say more.... There are tears of sheer emotion, laughter...


Hello there...

The truck with the drill arrived!!!

There is so much going on now, I do not have time to download photos, but I promise to do it the fastest possible. Giannis the dowser is here, and quite some friends...

So, its now!!! Right now they assemble the drills...

More later!!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Time 18.00....

So, finally, one truck came... but the other one will come tomorrow.. they have parked this one truck here, just outside our property.. some of us went to have a look. However, the truck with the drilling machine will come in the morning, so no drilling today...

The old peartree.. just in front of the ladder you might be able to spot a stone... this is the place that Giannis, the dowser, indicated for drilling..

Hello there.. well, we waited, and now we will have some food... here in Greece it is the custom to celebrate the 'paramoni', the day before an event, the day before the actual day... so this way we turned our dissappointment, that the drilling will not happen today, into something positive... we are celebrating the 'paramoni', the day before the drilling..

Everybody here, came from Chania, a two hour journey, and we had beds ready for everyone, so now we will have a siesta... and then, tomorrow morning, we will be here again.....

Time is 15.00 and still waiting....

We were up early.. friends arrived, we had coffees...
Then a telephone call, the drilling team had a problem with some machinery, they are working on fixing it. So we are waiting, preparing some food in the meantime...
We are 10 people here now.. but probably we will have to wait until tomorrow..
We'll keep you updated.. now we'll have some food and wine to pass the time..

Monday, August 23, 2010

On tuesday we will drill...tomorrow, or even today..

Hello friends,

its late, after 3'clock, so actually its tuesday today..

Its difficult to go to sleep.. in the morning, the drilling crew will arrive with all the tools. Because of the indication of a guy zick-zacking our property with a wooden rod, because of a 'dowser' who found water, we got into this project.. We called upon all our friends to contribute to the project, to a project which can seem so uncertain.. This village here has no water. Who are we to find it? In times of technical, modern investigation, studies and the like, who believes in guys or girls which indicate water with the help og a Y formed piece of branch???

When he first came, the 'dowser', Giannis, we were in such doubts. Should we believe it, shouldn't we..what other chance would we have to get water here..

A visiting friend gave  us the idea, probably without being aware of it... he was the first one to say 'I'll contribute'--

Then, this idea grew larger-- why not do it together, why not invite everyone who ever has stayed here, has partied with us, shared life with us, to contribute some?? If everyone contributes some, whatever he or she can do without damage.. AND within just a little over 3 weeks, 50 friends from all over Europe have contributed to 'WATER for KALLIKRATIS', and we do now have the funds for the drilling..almost... Together we managed to raise it, together we share the hope, the risk..

So now, in just a few hours, its going to happen, the machines will arrive, and I just can't sleep... its not only us, but we are 50 people...

So, its full moon tomorrow also..

if you are involved, if you are not involved.. please send positive energy to this part of the world, to Greece, to Crete, to Kallikratis, to our old  pear tree, to the waters below it... to us, all of us..

And now, I am going for a few hours of sleep...

Saturday, August 21, 2010

WATER update

Hello there, everyone!!

So, the man for the drilling visited, and had a look at the place. |And he gave us a quote. As he had said before, the trial drilling would be 2500 euro, and when the water is found, another 2500 for the installation of the well, with 16cm diameter galvanised pipes. What he didn't tell us before is, that the water pump, and all the electrical and distributional installation is extra, and will be another 2000 euro. We had thought, that the 5000 would cover everything...

Anyway, we are confident, that we will be able to cover also that amount somehow.. more friends have contributed, and we are now 50 people!!! And we have reached a total of 5500 euro all together..

Heleen Kennedy, Scotland

Ria Vermeulen, Holland

Thomas Venakis, Zouridi, Crete

Dimitra and Mimis, Chania and Skopelos

And on tuesday, the drilling will happen!!! They will come with a huge truck, 13 meter long, carrying the drill.. they need water and soap for the cooling of the drill and the mechanism which throws out the material from the drilling. He said, it will be quite a mess, soapy water and earth materials.... we couldn't get him to come on a Friday though.. and it is not even sure, that the drilling will be over in a single day.  So whoever wants and can come up here to Kallikratis on Tuesday is very very much welcome, so we can share the excitement of the day!!!!

And the water party itself will happen the following Friday.. On Tuesday, I will post pictures and maybe small videos as well during the day, so everybody else can follow the ongoings almost 'live' here on the blog..

Oh, friends!!!! It is happening, it really is happening!!! Thanks to all of you, all of us.. 

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Hello friends, its been a week since I last reported...

And we have only good news!!! Five more friends contributed, and we are reaching the scope of 5000 euro for the drilling for water here in Kallikratis!! Almost there!!! So now we proceed, as fast as possible....

Tomorrow, the technician of the drilling firm will come to have a look at the area and our ground, in order to find out which machines he'll have to come with, and then we will also know, when he can come and how all this actual drilling will work, what will be involved... as we have no idea...

We are 45 people alltogether now, with us, Janina and Babis.. many local friends, and friends from Holland, Denmark, Germany and Norway... what an achievement, what a common effort, a common hope.. as it was in our imagination, TOGETHER we can do things, we couldn't possibly do alone.. everyone contributed with whatever they could afford, many small and also bigger streams made this river, together, we raised almost 5000 euro, and that since the 28th of July....

Yesterday then, Giannis, the guy who indicated where the water would be found here and at which depth (see previous posts), came by, and joined us as well with a contribution... even though he did did more than enough by finding it in the first place!

So, here the last contributors to the project:

Eva and Evtychia Christodoulaki, Modi, Crete

Maria (Mario) Matamadiotou, Plaka, Crete

Lill Gulli, Norway

Giannis Ravdoskopos, Moudros, Crete

And tomorrow we will know more technical news, and hopefully also the date of the drilling!!!! Thanks, thanks thanks to everyone joining this so important project... and more news tomorrow.. Its extremely hot here these days, even up here in the mountains, temperatures today have reached 35 degrees, down by the coast its more than 41..

Love to everyone and all

Monday, August 9, 2010

WATER for Kallikratis update

 Kallikratis, Sfakia, water for Kallikratis, καλλικρατης, Κρητη, νερο για το Καλλικρατη, ΣφακιαSo, the market is over... and we are getting ready to get back to Kallikratis.. we'll start to organize the water drilling party!!!

Until today we are 37 people contributing to the WATER for KALLIKRATIS project, and with what we made on the market, we have reached 4000 euro by now... another thousand, and we can drill for water!!

Here comes the full updated list of contributors.... thanks to everyone..

Giannis and Anna Bitsakis, Chania, Crete
Lampis Xilouris, Herakleion, Crete
Arnold, Evelyn, Jaqueline, Holland
Jill and Derek Pearce, Kavros, Crete
Giorgos Markoulakis, Gerani, Crete
Giannis Tsagarakis, Chania, Crete
Giangos Chairetis, Anogia, Crete
Nikos Psilos, Chania, Crete
Willy and Johnny de Zeeuw, Holland
Thomas and Martha Brandt, Christiania, Denmark
Manfred Hoffmann and Moni, Dresden, Germany
Ina Hviding, Norway
Giorgos Vougioukalos, Argyroupoli, Crete
Eleni Tsalikidou, Argyroupoli, Crete
Panagiotis Angelakis, Zoniana, Crete
Joscha Lücke, Berlin, Germany
Mitsos Karnagio, Chania, Crete
David Troutman, Chania, Crete
Kiria Stella Psaroudakis, Chania, Crete
Antonis Dagas, Chania, Crete
Henk Ploeger, Holland
Isolde Eleni Bichsel, Chania, Crete
Giorgos Tsoupakis, Frangokastello, Crete
Mitscha Rütsch, Bornholm, Denmark
Janne Gjerken, Norway
Jörg and Sandra Flaschka, Jena, Germany
ST and Regina, Berlin, Germany
Triandafyllia (Filio) Syka, Modi, Crete
Sheena Inoue, Bornholm, Denmark

So, now we have to find a good date for the drilling.. look, friends, since the start of our call for action on the 28th of July, only 12 days ago, we have managed all together to raise 4000 euro for the water in Kallikratis!!! Only 1000 euros are missing now...
We would like to drill on a friday, because the firms do not work at the weekend, and that way we can all have a water fiesta over the weekend..
It is really fantastic.. what to say more. That so many joined, that water for Kallikratis has become a cause, a project for so many, that the feeling of community, of 'together we can do it' has spread around, everybody is enthusiastic...
Its just fantastic

Sunday, August 8, 2010

The market on Saturday

Yesterday evening, a troop of older guys came marching from the harbour singing, holding glasses of raki...

That was quite a sight.. again I have taken a video clip..

Tonight is the last night on the market.. it has been nice days but also exhausting, always till late at night...
Tomorrow I will update the WATER story with the latest news...

Saturday, August 7, 2010

More from the market

Yesterday night, dancers from the Akrotiri peninsula where performing, it was a very nice show..

Here a small video clip from the dancing..

And welcome to water contributor number 32

Eli Janne Gjerken, Norway!!!

Friday, August 6, 2010

WATER for Kalikratis update

Hello everyone

Three more friends have contributed to the water project

Isolde Eleni Bichsel, Chania

Giorgos Tsoupakis, Frangokastello

Mitscha Rütsch, Bornholm, Denmark

We are now 33! 

More news tomorrow, and pictures from the market

Love to  everyone from a hot hot Crete

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The market


In the evening, the different townships perform on the square, here it is a men choir from Selino

Here you see Babis and Manoussos just finished putting up the stall for the evening.. Manoussos has the best cheese we ever ate. He still produces the old traditional way, in a cave in the mountains by Askifou. He is a shepherd, milks his sheep and produces his cheese. He is one of the very very few. Today, all cheese on the market is produced in dairy factories.

Manoussos is a great neighbor to have here on the market, not only because his cheese is wonderful, and we've hardly eaten anything else the last days, but also he is cheerful, always in a good humor, smiling. Offering cheese and Raki to anyone passing by...

Thats our little stall here, with Babis eating... cheese

And then last night, the young ones lining up for dancing..

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

WATER update and market

Hello there, we have been on the market in Chania now since sunday.. every day from 6 in the evening until after midnight. The market is held in and around the old customs building, the 'teloneio' by the harbor. Luckily, we are outside, as it is very hot these days and nights... you can find us just opposite the restaurant 'Karnagio' with our herbs, essential oils, soaps and shampoo.

In the evenings, the different townships of the Chania province have organised musical performances, and our stand is just near to the stage...yesterday there was a great singing performance. I tried to take some photos, but they are not good enough to publish, I'll try again today..

As for the waterproject, other friends have joined as well, so now we are 29 people all together!!

Mitsos Karnagio, Chania

David Troutman, Chania

Kiria (Dame) Stella Psaroudaki (Babis' mother), Chania

Antonis Dagas, Chania

Henk Ploeger, Holland

And, thanks to several very generous contributions, we now have reached 3200 euro so far... we are two thirds of the way almost!!!!

It is becoming real....together we can do it!!!