Saturday, June 12, 2010

We have been to a wonderful exhibition/ market for ecological and handmade products in Herakleion from 28-31. of May. The market took place in a park in the middle of the town. It was a wonderful atmosphere, three days we all stayed, many of us in tents in the park.. You can see our neighbours Maria and Vangelio in the picture above, as well as some tents..

The market was self-organized, we all took turns for night watches and in the kitchen, as we all would eat together in the middle of the day. It gave a great feeling of community between the more than a hundred people participating in the market..

Everyday there were seminars on all kind of subjects related to ecological farming, sustainable lifestyle, health and much more. In this picture, Fukuokas method of natural farming is demonstrated..

Here the stand of our friend 'Bananas'.. he grows ecological bananas in the south of the island, and has lost his Christian name during the last many years..

This now is our little stand, essential oils, soaps, shampoo.. Lots of people visited the market, the stands were open from 10 in the morning till midnight...

Here its Babis at our stand..

Every night there was live music playing, free concerts.. sometimes until early morning.. So on the third day, these guys here, set up a sign on their stall... 'Kleisto logo methisis'... Closed because of hangover!

All in all though, it was a beautiful experience. We were just producers of ecological sound products, no merchants. We worked together to make this happening. There was music, performances, clowns, seminars. We got to know each other well, and there was many many visitors... There will be a similar self-organised market in the vicinity of Athens in a park from September 30 til October 3.. you can find some more info as well as some history at the following link (its in Greek, but you can translate the pages with google...