Friday, May 7, 2010

Back on the island

Hello there again.. I have just arrived back on Crete, after spending almost 6 weeks abroad with my parents.. Here a picture of the lovely savory, Satureja thymbra, which is blooming so early this year..

What a strange spring here, we have never seen such a spring before.. It was so warm over the winter, and it has rained so very little. The herbs have been confused, and many of them are blooming almost a month earlier than usually.. We have just collected savory, Satureja thymbra along the south coast.. The places are dry, and the grasses already yellow and withering...

Lets see, what this year will bring, there has been preciously little rain.. the plants are struggling for survival..

Now we are going up to the mountains to see how our other plant populations are doing
We have never seen such a dry spring here in Crete, in all these years..