Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The day after.. 29th of August

We slept late.. Christos the driller came in the early afternoon to pick up his second truck.. He came with chocolates for everyone.. 

Quiet it was, people had left, we spend the day with Willy and Johnny cleaning the house, the kitchen, repairing the gate which the truck had damaged trying to get in. Then went to dinner in Argyroupoli, at our friend Giorgos' place.. and slowly started to have ideas as to where to go from here, how to go on working for Water in Kallikratis..

First decision though was, to fill up our deposits a bit, by ordering a truck of water in the morning.. 200 euro for 10 cubic meters, so that we could take a shower, clean around and water our garden a bit.. Willy and Johnny offered the cost, and Willy joked 'well, everyone has been supporting meters of drilling, but we get water!!!' By now, our spirits had lifted..

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