Thursday, August 5, 2010

The market


In the evening, the different townships perform on the square, here it is a men choir from Selino

Here you see Babis and Manoussos just finished putting up the stall for the evening.. Manoussos has the best cheese we ever ate. He still produces the old traditional way, in a cave in the mountains by Askifou. He is a shepherd, milks his sheep and produces his cheese. He is one of the very very few. Today, all cheese on the market is produced in dairy factories.

Manoussos is a great neighbor to have here on the market, not only because his cheese is wonderful, and we've hardly eaten anything else the last days, but also he is cheerful, always in a good humor, smiling. Offering cheese and Raki to anyone passing by...

Thats our little stall here, with Babis eating... cheese

And then last night, the young ones lining up for dancing..

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