Saturday, August 28, 2010

The outcome...

So, we drilled to 152 meters, and did not find a drop of water. We spend everything we had, we tried everything. We played a risk, and we lost.. The drilling team just finished pulling up the 150 meters of drill bits, and managed to maneuver the truck out of our gate again..

And like Alexis Zorbas we will go dancing tonight, there is a band playing in Frangokastello.. And then we will organize a party for everybody in the next week..

However, the whole experience was fantastic, the support we had from all our friends made history... so much love, support, so much hope and enthusiasm we all shared.. A huge THANKS and LOVE to everyone who shared in this project, who shared the hope for Water in Kallikratis!!! Thank you all and everyone!!!

We are all exhausted now, 4 days of hope, of noise, of soapy foam around...

More later..

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