Wednesday, August 4, 2010

WATER update and market

Hello there, we have been on the market in Chania now since sunday.. every day from 6 in the evening until after midnight. The market is held in and around the old customs building, the 'teloneio' by the harbor. Luckily, we are outside, as it is very hot these days and nights... you can find us just opposite the restaurant 'Karnagio' with our herbs, essential oils, soaps and shampoo.

In the evenings, the different townships of the Chania province have organised musical performances, and our stand is just near to the stage...yesterday there was a great singing performance. I tried to take some photos, but they are not good enough to publish, I'll try again today..

As for the waterproject, other friends have joined as well, so now we are 29 people all together!!

Mitsos Karnagio, Chania

David Troutman, Chania

Kiria (Dame) Stella Psaroudaki (Babis' mother), Chania

Antonis Dagas, Chania

Henk Ploeger, Holland

And, thanks to several very generous contributions, we now have reached 3200 euro so far... we are two thirds of the way almost!!!!

It is becoming real....together we can do it!!!

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