Saturday, August 21, 2010

WATER update

Hello there, everyone!!

So, the man for the drilling visited, and had a look at the place. |And he gave us a quote. As he had said before, the trial drilling would be 2500 euro, and when the water is found, another 2500 for the installation of the well, with 16cm diameter galvanised pipes. What he didn't tell us before is, that the water pump, and all the electrical and distributional installation is extra, and will be another 2000 euro. We had thought, that the 5000 would cover everything...

Anyway, we are confident, that we will be able to cover also that amount somehow.. more friends have contributed, and we are now 50 people!!! And we have reached a total of 5500 euro all together..

Heleen Kennedy, Scotland

Ria Vermeulen, Holland

Thomas Venakis, Zouridi, Crete

Dimitra and Mimis, Chania and Skopelos

And on tuesday, the drilling will happen!!! They will come with a huge truck, 13 meter long, carrying the drill.. they need water and soap for the cooling of the drill and the mechanism which throws out the material from the drilling. He said, it will be quite a mess, soapy water and earth materials.... we couldn't get him to come on a Friday though.. and it is not even sure, that the drilling will be over in a single day.  So whoever wants and can come up here to Kallikratis on Tuesday is very very much welcome, so we can share the excitement of the day!!!!

And the water party itself will happen the following Friday.. On Tuesday, I will post pictures and maybe small videos as well during the day, so everybody else can follow the ongoings almost 'live' here on the blog..

Oh, friends!!!! It is happening, it really is happening!!! Thanks to all of you, all of us.. 

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