Monday, August 23, 2010

On tuesday we will drill...tomorrow, or even today..

Hello friends,

its late, after 3'clock, so actually its tuesday today..

Its difficult to go to sleep.. in the morning, the drilling crew will arrive with all the tools. Because of the indication of a guy zick-zacking our property with a wooden rod, because of a 'dowser' who found water, we got into this project.. We called upon all our friends to contribute to the project, to a project which can seem so uncertain.. This village here has no water. Who are we to find it? In times of technical, modern investigation, studies and the like, who believes in guys or girls which indicate water with the help og a Y formed piece of branch???

When he first came, the 'dowser', Giannis, we were in such doubts. Should we believe it, shouldn't we..what other chance would we have to get water here..

A visiting friend gave  us the idea, probably without being aware of it... he was the first one to say 'I'll contribute'--

Then, this idea grew larger-- why not do it together, why not invite everyone who ever has stayed here, has partied with us, shared life with us, to contribute some?? If everyone contributes some, whatever he or she can do without damage.. AND within just a little over 3 weeks, 50 friends from all over Europe have contributed to 'WATER for KALLIKRATIS', and we do now have the funds for the drilling..almost... Together we managed to raise it, together we share the hope, the risk..

So now, in just a few hours, its going to happen, the machines will arrive, and I just can't sleep... its not only us, but we are 50 people...

So, its full moon tomorrow also..

if you are involved, if you are not involved.. please send positive energy to this part of the world, to Greece, to Crete, to Kallikratis, to our old  pear tree, to the waters below it... to us, all of us..

And now, I am going for a few hours of sleep...

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