Friday, August 27, 2010

What makes life worth living...

Well, Giannis said, that we should go down until 150 meters...
So alltogether, we would need funds for another 50 meters... or 6 drilling bits of 8 meter length.. We can manage another 3 bits, Nikos sponsors one, and then the drilling team itself gives us 2 bits for free.
These days here, they have seen the support we had, so many people involved in this project, and they were impressed, they had never seen anything like it. So now we are set for 150 meters. Tonight we will know the outcome, 150 is our limit, come what comes...

AND then, just when we were charging this 6 pieces of drill unto the truck, the most fantastic surprise arrived: Our beloved friends Willy and Johnny suddenly appeared... they had taken a plane from Holland, to come and support us right now.. moments like these, are what makes life truly wonderful.. truly worth living, friends like this are worth more even than water, they just appeared to share with us..

Life is wonderful
So now, whatever will happen can happen..

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