Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Hello friends, its been a week since I last reported...

And we have only good news!!! Five more friends contributed, and we are reaching the scope of 5000 euro for the drilling for water here in Kallikratis!! Almost there!!! So now we proceed, as fast as possible....

Tomorrow, the technician of the drilling firm will come to have a look at the area and our ground, in order to find out which machines he'll have to come with, and then we will also know, when he can come and how all this actual drilling will work, what will be involved... as we have no idea...

We are 45 people alltogether now, with us, Janina and Babis.. many local friends, and friends from Holland, Denmark, Germany and Norway... what an achievement, what a common effort, a common hope.. as it was in our imagination, TOGETHER we can do things, we couldn't possibly do alone.. everyone contributed with whatever they could afford, many small and also bigger streams made this river, together, we raised almost 5000 euro, and that since the 28th of July....

Yesterday then, Giannis, the guy who indicated where the water would be found here and at which depth (see previous posts), came by, and joined us as well with a contribution... even though he did did more than enough by finding it in the first place!

So, here the last contributors to the project:

Eva and Evtychia Christodoulaki, Modi, Crete

Maria (Mario) Matamadiotou, Plaka, Crete

Lill Gulli, Norway

Giannis Ravdoskopos, Moudros, Crete

And tomorrow we will know more technical news, and hopefully also the date of the drilling!!!! Thanks, thanks thanks to everyone joining this so important project... and more news tomorrow.. Its extremely hot here these days, even up here in the mountains, temperatures today have reached 35 degrees, down by the coast its more than 41..

Love to everyone and all

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